M E E T  T H E  T E A M


Ashley doesn’t stop.  As the nucleus of STMV she keeps things going- it’s her job and she’s damn good at it. After years in the music industry:  organizing shows, creating music videos, music photography,  mentoring young musicians (the list goes on!) she has created something quite special and grand. Ashley has lent her talents , passion and gifts of organization to toronto's music community.  Nurturing bands, gassing up up- and-coming talent, connecting artists with resources all while giving back to our beloved venues… is there anything she can’t do? Well, she can’t dance… but we still love her.  This “Band Mom” as her growing roster of bands like to call her, is a force to be reckoned with.  Not just a stunningly gorgeous face she’s has in fact become an integral part of Toronto’s music scene.  Be sure to say hi to her at the next show. She’ll be the one dancing…. 


Kyla K.

Head of PR & Communication

Ashley Cachia 

Head of PR and communication Kyla knows how to spread the word! The word being what amazing talent we have in Toronto. Graduate from Humber music Kyla has been promoting and organizing it shows for over 10 years Kyla joined S.T.M.V in March 2021. Bringing her Experience and organizing events in fundraising to our community. Community that Kyla believes wholeheartedly in. With Kyla's past career in entertainment journalism, writing music and fashion reviews, features and interviews. Not only does that make her more then qualified to be head of pr and communication, but is also perfect for editing Ashley's Dyslexia. Kyla is optimistic and enthusiastic sometimes to a fault so while Kyla edits Ashley spelling. Ashley cynical nature reminds Kyla to not trust to quickly in business situations making them the perfect team to build S.T.M.V


Musician, dancer and so much more.

Tina has a  background in fashion and

marketing.  At first Tina may come

across a little quieter than her band

mate Maddy, but look out:  she

knows how to push her way into a

conversation. We know she will

bring her social media skills and

her kind nature to help build S.T.M.V. Excited to be part of a “group of badass ladies” Tina proved she’d fit the bill the day she met Ashley. Pushing all the boys and competition out of the conversation to make sure her and her band got to make an impression. Badass? We’d say so! In fact, so badass, we’d be lucky for her to drive herself into any one of our conversations - every day of the week!


Maddy Hurrell

Head of booking and events (Toronto)
Head of social Media 

Tina Louise

From a young age Maddy has been

called to the stage, performing in

a number of different arts. Maddy

knows the Toronto art scene like

that back of her hand. Excited

to work with the community,

Maddy’s infectious personality

helps connect and build our

happy little (big) S.T.M.V. family...

but don't be fooled; Maddy is a

spitfire who goes for what she

wants!  What we love about

Maddy is her magnetic and

bubbly personality -  a

background in cheerleading

will do that to you...and what's

scarier than a cheerleader

turned rocker bitch?!


Ellie Herschorn

PR & Communications 

Ellie had been a specialist in marketing and Communications for 4 years. As a graduate from Humber Music Business program, Ellie has finally decided to lend her skills to the S.T.M.V Communications Team. It only took a Year of her and  Ashley chatting to finally make it happen! Better late then never...one could say.  Ellie can be found selling the hell S.T.M.V, helping at shows or  Singing with her band, Giant Triangle. Were stocked to have such a boss-ass-business-woman with a fancy degree on our team!


Joe (HAT) Zambri

IMG_1434 2_edited.png
Media Personality/Music Scout

Joe is a graphic designer and a music enthusiast. Joe has brought his love of music to S.T.M.V. by helping Ashley behind the sense for some time now going to shows and finding fun and interesting acts. Joe has always been an avid show goer and just loves the music scene. Joe has now become a more permanent member of S.T.M.V with the debut of his segment "Joe Hat Record Chat". You can watch his segment the first Thursday of every month as well as find him out and about continuing to scout bands and artists.